Frequently Asked Questions


Are your estimates free?

Yes, there are no charges for providing estimates for any of our services.


Do you charge the same rates for every town you serve?

Yes, our pricing structure is the same for our entire service area.

Carpet Cleaning

Will my carpets and floor be protected during carpet cleaning?

A minimal amount of liquid is used during the carpet cleaning process, so drips are not a problem. Shoe coverings are worn by our crew so your floors and carpets will not be soiled.

Window Cleaning

How should I prepare for my windows to be cleaned?
Our crews can work around all window treatments and blinds so there is no need to remove them before your windows are cleaned. If you have any plants or ornaments on window sills, it would be best if they were removed before the windows are cleaned.



Will your crew be careful not to let my pets out of the house?

Yes. Please let us know if you have any special instructions concerning your pets. We would also like to know your pet's name(s) so we can properly greet them!


Do you work on Saturdays?

If you are busy and are under time constraints, we can make arrangements for a weekend appointment.

Building Sites

Do you provide daytime cleaning personnel when required?

Yes, day porter and day cleaning is provided when requested.

How frequently does signature management visit the site?

Our managers are in each building an average of once per week. They are always ready to visit whenever they are needed.


Can you provide me with some references?

Yes, we have lots of positive references and can provide as many as you like.




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What Our Clients Say

I have hired Sparkle and Shine Cleaners for one-off cleaning services and I must admit, they are one of the best companies, with great prices, amazing team members and above all, willing to offer something for your budget – Truly amazed!


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Areas We Cover

Sparkle and Shine Cleaners Ltd have offices in Nottingham, Manchester and London and cover the whole of the UK.

Many of our clients have multiple offices or other facilities that we service in the Midlands, London and throughout the UK.

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Areas We Cover